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Work - Life - Balance

“I believe a lot in work life balance. I am not the attorney that wants to be in the office 80 hours. Absolutely not and Stafi has helped me to have at least 1 hour a day for myself, while ensuring that everything else is taken care of

-Dawn Salas, Owner at Salas Law

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Peace of mind

I know that everything is covered and that peace of mind is invaluable. And it’s well worth the investment on the front end to make sure you find the right person, a lot of the guesswork of which is removed by the processes and systems that Stafi has.

So I guess the most natural conclusion is I’m very thankful for that.

So thank you.”

-Brittany Quintana, Owner at Quintana Law PA

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Fast Growth

You guys basically have provided me now with two individuals that work for us remotely. We have one person in Argentina and we have one person in Nicaragua, both in different positions, one as a receptionist and one as a paralegal.

Personally, for us, the biggest result that we got was we were able to take cases off of the shoulders of some of our paralegals. And what we did was we restructured the way that we handle cases.

-Andoni Gonzalez-Rua, Partner at Garcia, Miranda, Gonzalez-Rua

Grow with remote staff

At the moment We have three assets with Stafi. 

I have an Intake Specialist, a Marketing Assistant, and an Executive Assistant.

We normally had made those positions part-time, but now it’s full-time since they’re able to do a lot more things and we’ve been able to grow.

-Ruby Powers, Owner at Powers Law Group

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Peace of mind

”Peace of mind, making sure that, everything is not on my shoulders.

To know that we have a team , a remote team, that knows their roles and at the end of the day, assist me.

I’m able to actually go home and know that the business is still running. Wow.”

-Alejandro E. Jordan, Owner at ESQ.Title Law

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I love it

I asked for help. They find me the person. 

Honestly, Stafi is so successful in what they do. And I definitely would recommend it to other people, but I will also keep using them myself in the future. It’s a great business model and it’s a great resource and also a great service that they do.

I love it. I think it’s very practical and I’m very happy that we can use them and I will use them for staff that we can have remote.

I meant every word that I said in this video, honestly.

-Claudia Cañizares,

Owner at Cañizares Law Group

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It Just Makes Sense

”The employee that we’re getting is, is highly trained, very qualified. It’s providing a level of experience on and receptiveness to the work we’re giving her, that’s truly helping us out, and I think that it’d be hard to come by finding somebody for that value locally.

-Gabriel Mazzitelli,

Partner at Jimenez, Hart, Mazzitelli & Mordes

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I’ve definitely have much more peace of mind. As mother of two,  I have more balance in my life, I know that there is a work time and there is a little bit of a personal time when I need to have that.

When you know that you have a company or firm that you are well with people that are quality people, people know how to do their job and they’re responsive and responsible, it’s much easier to juggle personal life and professional life.

We are pretty happy with Stafi and with the people that we have

-Iskra Panteva,

Owner at Panteva Law Group

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I can get things done.

“By having a Stafi on my team, I’m able to grow my business faster than I would have imagined because some of the things that I thought of doing, now I can get them done.

-Elliott Mason,

Owner at NuAge PC

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I have time to grow my business

Due to the increased volume of my transactions, I was too busy to have quality time with my family and friends.

I would describe your service as providing quality support staff that are already trained.

My paralegal saves me, at least two hours a day and I end up spending that time working on developing my systems and actually getting out of my office to network to grow my business

-Darcey Thompson,

Owner at Thompson Consulting Law

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