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Stafi provides remote staffing solutions for businesses of all sizes

Our virtual assistants, legal assistants, receptionists, intake client specialists, sales representatives, and paralegals are thoroughly trained to effectively manage multiple tasks, from answering customer queries to booking family activities and managing your calendar and appointments. Plus, you get to save costs with our easy subscription-based service.

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Accomplish more with Stafi

Our virtual assistance service not only saves you money but also gives you the time and freedom to focus on personal and business goals.

Ability to handle a myriad of tasks

Our virtual assistants help businesses handle a wide range of administrative tasks, including correspondence, data entry, customer support, and calendar management.

Degree holders and highly qualified professionals

Every one of our remote assistants is college-educated, highly trained, and carefully vetted. They work in a systematic and efficient manner, allowing you to save time, focus on core tasks, and scale operations with less risk.

Professional remote support

When you work with Stafi, you’re not just adding a new member to your team. We include management support so your staff is always on point with their tasks and bringing value to your business.

Hiring remote assistants lets you save on overhead costs. You don’t pay for employment tax, employee benefits, training and recruitment, and all the extra office space and supplies. 

Every virtual assistant comes with a US local number that can be used to host video conferences, high-speed Internet, and a VPN connection.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants

At Stafi, we help you reclaim your schedule and achieve the growth you deserve.

Our virtual assistance solutions remove all the stress involved in HR and recruitment matters, such as:

  • Interviewing, hiring, and firing
  • Payroll and compliance
  • Contracts or commitments

Our virtual assistants are bright, experienced, and able to prioritize. They are fast learners and can adapt to your task and time preferences.

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How do I know my assistant is going to be any good?

They are ALL bilingual, college-educated, highly vetted and have their skills tested before they are selected to join the Stafi team. We are a boutique Staffing firm who take pride in our tight selection process.

All Stafi Virtual Assistants are service-oriented individuals who pride themselves on customer experiences and solving problems. Many of our assistants have extensive backgrounds as professionals in Law, Customer Service, Sales, Real Estate, Administration, and many other professions.

Every assistant is:

  • College-educated
  • Background verified
  • Customer-service trained
  • Thoroughly trained
  • Carefully vetted
  • Closely supervised for ongoing training and quality control

*Rates variable based on staff years of expertise, requested language combination, aggregate skills & education. $1200 Startup Fee.

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