Is your intake service designed exclusively for Immigration Law?

If your answer is “NO”, then the service you are using SUCKS. It’s as simple as that

80% Of Lawyers Are Not Happy With Their Receptionist & Intake Services.*

Only $1.49 per minute  |  NO commitment  | NO monthly minimun
You have the flexibility to utilize our service on your terms, putting you in full control.

100% of our intake specialists are bilingual and trained on:
VAWA, Petitions, Asylum, Refugees, DACA, Naturalization, SIJS, & more.

We’re fluent in Spanish, English and Immigration Law.

  • Increase Qualified Consultations

    We don't just answer the phone, our goal is to end the call with a paid consultation on your calendar. No more wasting your precious time. 

  • Pronunciation Perfection

    Your law firm's name is your identity. We pronounce it right every time, with respect and professionalism.

  • More Than Just Message-Takers

    We go the extra mile to help you close more deals and boost your sales. We gather the precise information from each caller so your consultations can be more effective.

  • Fluency Matters

    When we say we speak Spanish, we mean it. No fumbling or passing calls to other agents; we get it done right the first time.

  • Immigration Savvy

    We don't just know you're a lawyer; we understand the complexities of immigration law and we are experts in VAWA, Petitions, Asylum, Refugees, DACA, and more.

  • Know Your Firm's Uniqueness

    We take the time to understand what sets your law firm apart and what types of cases you want to handle or refer to. Your uniqueness matters to us.

Client Dashboard
with real-time metrics

24/7 Services
so you don't miss any calls

Dedicated Team of Experts
for your Law Firm

Email & SMS

Lead Management

Client Satisfaction

Benefits for your Clients

  • Feel Cared for

    Experience genuine concern and attention from our Immigration Intake Specialists, who are trained on dealing with complex situations.

  • Receive Compassionate Guidancee

    Get empathetic support to navigate their problems with understanding.

  • Faster Reply Times

    Minimal wait times and efficient assistance.

  • Attention to their needs24/7

    We're available round-the-clock to assist your clients.

  • Get Accurate Information

    Trust our knowledgeable team for precise and reliable information.

Benefits for your Law Firm

  • Save on Costs

    Reduce expenses without compromising client communication.

  • Increase your Law Firm Reputation

    Showcase a client-centric approach that enhances your brand's reputation.

  • Increase your Closing Rates

    Enjoy higher conversion rates.

  • Filter and Prioritize Incoming Requests

    Smartly manage inquiries, optimizing your team's efficiency.

  • Avoid Waisting Time on Calls That Don't Result in Revenue

    Let our specialized client relations team handle all your calls, allowing your team to focus on high value legal matters.

A valued client shared her experience:

“Before using Stafi services I wasn’t charging for consultations, and my earnings were limited. Thanks to Stafi, I can now work with better-qualified leads and have significantly increased my income.”

Don’t let your immigration practice lag behind. It’s time to supercharge your firm and spend time ONLY on qualified consultations. 

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*We interviewed more than 300 law firm owners and asked them about how they feel about the service they are getting from different phone answering companies