what's your WHY?

What’s your WHY?

In order to have your internal fire lit, I highly recommend you find your “why”. Your why is the reason you do what you do. It’s your passion. 


When I started my career years ago, my why was to prove to myself and to the world that I could be a successful businesswoman. That I could make good money and be independent. I wanted to be a grown-up. I wanted to have a seat at the table.


I come from a family where my mom never worked. My dad was the sole provider. My mom depended on my dad financially, and that sucked. My dad didn’t value some material things that my mom valued, and she could never have them because it was “his money”. I didn’t like that. 


My financial independence was always really important to me. And that’s something we build through work. 


Fast forward several years, I had a very successful career in large corporate America running sales teams but the “WHY” that kept my internal fire lit and kept me motivated seemed to have disappeared. I was done proving things to myself and to the world. It got old. I was tired of working for others and for large stale institutions. There was too much politics, too many people pretending to work and care when they didn’t.


If I am honest with you, towards the end I was only there for the paycheck and the benefits. I had become one of them. That lasted only a minute, until something bigger happened inside me when I couldn’t continue living the way I was, not anymore.


That’s when I started digging deeper for my new, deeper, and bigger “why”.


My passion is to help women. 


I love helping women live happy lives. I love helping women make more money. Helping them see what they truly enjoy doing at work and what they delight themselves with when they have more time for themselves to enjoy life. And that’s how Stafi was born.


I learned a long time ago that in order to have everything I want in life, I couldn’t do it all alone. In order to make more money while having more time off to enjoy life, I needed to delegate. And that’s how I help women, by providing qualified help they can delegate to.  


I can now say my internal fire has been bigger than it ever has. Now I feel that my purpose fulfills me. I wake up with a purpose every day, and I love it. I have never felt so alive in my whole life. 


I would love to know why each of you chose to do what you do every day and maybe, if you’re ready to grow your team or not, one day we can connect.


Enough for Good night.



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