Top 3 things to ensure you are HIRING right!

Top 3 things to ensure you are HIRING right! 


With over 30 years of combined experience hiring and recruiting talent, we have seen a thing or two. And like most things in life it’s always changing. What was in fashion just 6 months ago is no longer the way to attract new talent. Through trial and error, we have implemented an efficient and effective process to ensure we hire the best talent in Latin America and around the world. With some minor tweaks this process can be used to hire talent anywhere including locally.

Any person can look amazing on a resume and cover letter, and let’s face it, if you have great interpersonal skills or have done this enough times, chances are you will interview well.


Most small businesses rely on one to two interviews only before hiring someone.  That is simply not enough to make a good decision. You can get lucky sometimes, but your “gut” alone just isn’t enough.


Here are the:

 TOP 3 things to consider when hiring to minimize your chances of “failure “



1.     Run psychological or behavior tests 
You want to make sure the person isn’t lying about their aptitudes, if they say they are detail-oriented, are they really? Also, you wouldn’t want to hire a timid person to do a sales/intake job.


2.     Background and Employment History  
The risk of fraudulent activity from employees is something one should always keep in mind. In our 8 years we have never had an issue, but you can never be too vigilant.  You want to make sure you know if someone has been convicted of a crime, or lied about their Job history. We run both local and interpol background checks and speak to at least 5 years back of an applicant’s employment history. Many people leave this step out, but you want to know if the candidate’s prior employer would “hire” them back or would rather never see them again.


3.     Performing Technical Tests

For every type of job there is a battery of tests that can be applied.  An experienced candidate must demonstrate their subject matter expertise and general knowledge in their field. Beside our beloved aptitude and behavioral tests, its important for a candidate to show off their skills so we can measure against pools of candidates. You might not have pools of candidates, but you will know who knows the answers. 

These are our Top 3 recommendations we think all small businesses can  consider when vetting candidates. At Stafi we have a team of people that do this job and much more for you so you can concentrate on the Strategy and let us worry about your support staff.  For those of you that insist on a DIY approach these three are a definite go to, if you want any other advice please reach out to me, Im happy to talk you through it. 


Good luck!

Raquel Gomes

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