Stafi divides the work within a law firm into the four areas of work: marketing, customer facing, legal and administrative work. They evaluate in which of these 4 areas you need most of the support, and select the candidate with the stronger skill set in those areas, accordingly.

But there are other components that make a great candidate: Additional to someone’s degree and background experience, we pay great attention to someone’s soft skills. When vetting and screening a candidate, all the soft skills mentioned below are throughly tested.


English – C2 Level

Verb Conjugation

Other Languages


Soft Skills

Attention to detail
Problem Solving
Time Management

Ongoing Virtual Staff Support

Having a company that provides coaches to assist your virtual staff in whichever area they may need is beyond valuable. The in-house psychologist is there to help them maintain the right mindset for peak performance, while the language and task coach will guide them to become more efficient and productive. The IT and security coaches will ensure all technology is in check and all the security protocols are in place to allow for a seamless integration of the virtual staff with your law firm. 

Language Coaches

Psychologist & Mindset Coaches

Marketing Support

IT & Security Support

Performance & Task Coaches

Stafi’s Client Success Team

Stafi’s Client Success Team is the link between you and your Stafi representative. They will be by your side from the onboarding throughout your entire journey with Stafi, guiding you throughout the entire process. They will answer any questions you may have, establish communication protocols to facilitate smooth interaction, and outline the feedback process, with an emphasis on continuous improvement. 



Client Success

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