Accomplish more with Stafi

We know how scary delegating can be for lawyers and how many horror stories there are around unqualified hires who don’t do what they are supposed to, or people who simply leave without giving notice. Finding trusted resources is very hard these days.

At Stafi, We are entirely committed to matching highly qualified, competent and trained bilingual legal assistants, Paralegals, Intake Client Specialists and Receptionists with law firms like yours. Our Staff is thoroughly vetted, and have their skills tested before being paired with you to ensure successful pairing. We are very successful at what we do and our turnover rate is close to zero.

When you work with Stafi, you’re not just adding a new member to your team.

We include HR support so your staff is always on point with their tasks and bringing value to your business.


Stafi divides the work within a law firm into the four areas: Legal, Marketing, Customer facing, and Administrative work. They evaluate in which of these 4 areas you need most of the support, and select the candidate with the stronger skill set in those areas, accordingly. 

But there are other components that make a great candidate: Additional to someone’s degree and background experience, we pay great attention to someone’s soft skills and english language proficiency. When vetting and screening a candidate, all the soft skills mentioned below are throughly tested as well as the candidate’s written and oral english.

Sample of a Legal Assistant Profile


English – C2 Level

Verb Conjugation

Other Languages


Soft Skills

Attention to detail
Problem Solving
Time Management

Ongoing Virtual Staff Support

Having a company that provides coaches to assist your virtual staff in whichever area they may need is beyond valuable. The in-house psychologist is there to help them maintain the right mindset for peak performance, while the language and task coach will guide them to become more efficient and productive. The IT and security coaches will ensure all technology is in check and all the security protocols are in place to allow for a seamless integration of the virtual staff with your law firm. 

Language Coaches

Psychologist & Mindset Coaches

Marketing Support

IT & Security Support

Performance & Task Coaches

Stafi’s Client Success Team

Stafi’s Client Success Team is the link between you and your Stafi representative. They will be by your side from the onboarding throughout your entire journey with Stafi, guiding you throughout the entire process. They will answer any questions you may have, establish communication protocols to facilitate smooth interaction, and outline the feedback process, with an emphasis on continuous improvement. 

Take a look at some of our candidates' profiles

What we can do for you


From daily receptionist services to overflow call handling, our Virtual Legal Assistants can handle them all. We will answer queries effectively, transfer calls, and ensure you don’t miss
any important messages.

Sharing case updates with clients

Our Virtual Legal Assistants can assist you in delivering case updates, so that clients feel truly informed
and cared for.

Marketing for your business

Assist with the web design and development. Help create sales materials (i.e., presentations, banners, mailings, brochures, decks) and establish sales strategies. Develop promotional marketing and traditional ads. Monitor online traffic and report results.


Your Virtual Legal Assistants will ensure all your meetings and other appointments are scheduled for the right time and will follow up to ensure everyone shows up!


Save yourself time by hiring a virtual assistant who can manage your inbox, respond to messages promptly, create filters, and more.

Managing legal calendars

A Virtual Legal Assistant can manage both your personal and professional calendar. They can create an efficient system to highlight important tasks and appointments. They can also move items accordingly to ensure the highest-priority tasks are accomplished
on time.

Performing high-level research

A remote assistant can help gather facts and conduct research on relevant statutes, regulations, and legal articles. They can also look into previous cases and help you acquire all the information
you need.

clerical work

Keep your client’s documents organized. Your Virtual Legal Assistant will adapt or create an e-filing system so the information never gets lost.

Your On Demand Receptionist & Intake Specialist Services
For Immigration Law Firms.

Virtual Receptionist 24/7

Designed with Immigration Law Firms in mind, Never miss a call again! Our team of full-time trained receptionists is dedicated to following your instructions precisely. They are proficient in scheduling consultations, transferring calls, and taking messages promptly whenever they handle incoming calls.

Immigration Intake Specialist 24/7

With our comprehensive question bank, designed to cover various aspects of immigration processes, you can efficiently assess and prioritize incoming leads, allowing you to invest your time and resources into consultations that have a higher potential to convert into tangible business opportunities.

Benefits for your Clients

  • Feel Cared for

    Experience genuine concern and attention from our Virtual Receptionist service, making every client feel valued and important.

  • Receive Compassionate Guidance

    Our service provides empathetic support, offering compassionate guidance to alleviate worries and navigate matters with understanding.

  • Faster Reply Times

    Get quick responses with our Virtual Receptionist service, ensuring minimal wait times and efficient assistance.

  • Attention to their needs 24/7

    Available around the clock, our service guarantees attentive care whenever clients need assistance, regardless of the time.

  • Get Accurate Information

    Trust our knowledgeable team to provide precise and reliable information, ensuring clients will be well informed about your business policies and procedures.

Benefits for your
Law Firm

  • Save on Costs

    Cut expenses by utilizing our services, reducing the need for additional staff and resources while maintaining top-notch client communication.

  • Grow your Positive Image

    Enhance your reputation with our professional Virtual Receptionist service, showcasing a client-centric approach that reflects positively on your business.

  • Increase your Closing Rates

    Experience higher conversion rates as our service ensures prompt and effective communication, leading to more successful business closures.

  • Filter and Prioritize Incoming Requests

    Let us manage your calls intelligently, directing and prioritizing inquiries to the right departments or individuals, optimizing your team's efficiency.

  • Avoid Waisting Time on Calls That Don't Result in Revenue

    Maximize your firm's productivity by allowing us to handle non-revenue generating calls, enabling your team to focus on high-value matters.