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Can we have everything we want in life?

“Women can’t have everything in life”, you need to choose between being a successful entrepreneur and making a lot of money OR being a great mom and wife. “It’s not possible, “minha filha” (daughter of mine in Portuguese), to have everything.” These were words I was raised listening to, on a regular basis.
I was born and raised in Brazil. My mom is an intelligent woman, who back then was solely dedicated to being a housewife and dedicated mother. My dad, on the other hand, was a successful entrepreneur and business owner who worked long hours. I moved to the US at the age of 25; I was a licensed psychologist and came here to pursue an MBA in International Business. I started my career in the US during my MBA and chose this amazing country to build my life.
Fast-forward to age 34, already been married for five years and had my beautiful daughter….the struggle was real. I wanted to be this amazing and dedicated mom and yet keep being very successful in my career. I no longer wanted to work super long hours, I wanted to cherish time with my “new” family. I challenged myself and my inner voice: Women indeed CAN have it all: we can have a successful business, spend quality time with my daughter and husband, AND have time to do my regular workouts, massages, nails, and hairdresser appointments.
I learned the hard way that we CAN have it all, but can’t do it alone. There is major work we have to do to get to the right mindset, where our time is our most valuable asset. How I spend it is what will dictate if I can “have all and live” my life the way I envision it… Or not.

I can hire help to take all the intake calls to my company while I do something else, more valuable, with that time, like come up with a better internal process to train my new hires.
I can delegate and get help to do the administrative work for my company while I use that time to participate in school activities with my daughter, which is way more valuable to me, OR I can do it all by myself and be constantly under stress.

In a nutshell, delegating and getting help to do the sales for my business while I use the time to write this blog, and get inspired, OR I can choose not to.
Choices, choices, choices… What’s your choice? 
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