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Are you worthy of Success?

After doing therapy for such a large part of my life on a regular basis, I still deal with limiting beliefs that affect my life on a daily basis. And the more I dig into my past, thoughts, feelings, and upbringing, the more I find.

It seems like a never-ending journey, this one of self-development, and you know what? It is. The more you grow and evolve, the more you find out about yourself. It’s hard, painful, beautiful, and incredible, all at the same time.

Today I am here to talk to you, my beloved reader, about limiting beliefs, and how they affect our lives, many times without you even knowing they exist. We specifically have limiting beliefs about success. Do you feel worthy of success? Many people don’t.

There may be different reasons in your particular life, upbringing, and experiences why this might be. I welcome you to think about your story to find out the reasons why you may be unconsciously scared of being successful.

Maybe you come from a poor family, and you feel guilty for being the only one who “made it”. That guilt might make you sabotage yourself to not be different from your family. I know this sounds absurd, and it’s easy to discredit the notion, but we don’t do this willingly, and that’s why we have to be on the lookout for this limiting belief Joker looking to vandalize our success.

Maybe you were always the smarter or more outgoing siblings and your parents would force you to not step out of the limelight. So end up downplaying your potential to not hurt others, so you end up correlating your success with hurting others around you.

Maybe you were like me, raised in a family where women were not allowed to shine, or work, only the men. And now here you are, a grownup, intelligent woman, who wants and can be successful, but you stop yourself due to fear of being punished, set aside. This is a fantasy, of course, but it’s real to you.

As a kid, all I wanted to do was shine. I wanted to perform, dance, sing, and act. But I was raised in a family where “shining” in any way was considered too boisterous, not what GOD would want. My parents were and are really religious… My mom would say that attracting attention to yourself would also attract jealousy in others. And here I am, dealing with that limiting belief so that I can shine in this world, and help women thrive in life by overcoming their limiting beliefs around success.

 See you in two weeks.


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